Certified dog training and behavior solutions in North Georgia.

I appreciate your dedication and your compassion so very much. . . . So, thank you for giving me hope and helping me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
We are willing to put in the hard work to have a harmonious relationship with them and for them to be happy, healthy doggie companions within our family unit. You are right. It is only a matter of a little time and some training techniques that we can continue to practice along the way.
Things are already a little better. . . . I’m so glad we found you!!

LaVonne B.

Shannon is a very patient trainer, and she has taken our rescued Doberman from being extremely afraid of runners, bikers, and large dogs to being able to look at me and get a treat and ignore them. She is extremely “tuned in” (pun intended) to a dog’s feelings and responses. In addition, she is a compassionate and caring dog sitter. Don’t know what we would do without her. I am so glad we found out about her. She has our top recommendation. (P.S. She also makes great homemade cookies and is a great pet photographer.) Lyra and Jim C.

We felt very confident with you and particularly like your calm approach.
We’d be happy to give you a glowing reference if you ever need it.  We feel fortunate to have met you.
Thanks again.

Vicki and Mickey R.

If you are looking for a dog trainer, I highly recommend Shannon Bayless. She has a real gift observing nuances in both a dog’s and an owner’s behavior that others would never notice. Her intuition is spot-on. And she teaches her clients how to use positive training techniques to reinforce good behavior and build good habits. [. . . ] After implementing Shannon’s suggestions, I’m happy to report that we noticed immediate improvements. Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your expertise and love of dogs with us! Carla G.

I have to say that I am really impressed. Shannon’s enthusiasm and positive, gentle attitude make her so relatable and easy to work with! It is clear that she is passionate about dogs and training and her eagerness is contagious :0)!!

Andrea C.

I really wanted to send you this email and let you know how truly grateful we are for having met you and all the help you provided with Tater and Tyson. I recently went to visit my family. My aunt and uncle had rescued a dog almost a year ago, named Teddy. The week before I arrived Teddy bit my cousin’s ear off. Teddy had been for the most part a very loved and adored pet but sometimes had a biting or nipping issue. My aunt and uncle had hired a behaviorist to help with Teddy. That person just thought Teddy was spoiled and that my aunt and uncle needed to be dominant over Teddy. After Teddy bit my cousin’s ear completely off, they very sadly with broken hearts took him back to the pound to be put down. When I arrived . . . and heard of this I was in shock. When they described Teddy and the things he had done, it was identical to Tater Tot. They had met Tater and Tater had been to their home and they never knew we had been through these same issues with Tater. I am so very thankful for you Shannon and that because of you, this story did not happen to my family (immediate). Thank you so much.

Whitney A.

I really appreciate all the work you do to help our dear little friends have a good life. Thanks again. Marie W.

All I can say is Wow, just Wow. Shannon is a gem. Our home is a zoo (3 cats, 3 dogs and a crested gecko) so finding someone to watch our furry babies while we are gone isn’t easy. From the moment Shannon walked in for our pre-vacay meeting I knew she was perfect. Upon returning home we found daily descriptions of her visits, a card welcoming us home from our dogs that included their photos and a potted flower from Shannon. She brushed, walked, played with, fed, pet, cleaned up, watered and loved our pets probably better than we do! She didn’t just check the mail, she vacuumed and swept up dog fur/pet mess, and washed out litter boxes which made coming home so nice (one less thing to have on the home again list!). Shannon is worth EVERY penny!!!!!! I will be talking her up to any and every person who has pets and needs a sitter. Kristin C.

She is the best and if you want your dogs given the Best 5 Star care choose Shannon B. Words cannot explain how much we appreciated her hard work and when we came back everything was neat and all dogs loved and cared for. Shannon B. is the best Pet Sitter and we never take vacations and now we are going to because of her. Carolyn E.

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