Certified dog training and behavior solutions in North Georgia.

Behavior Solutions

I will help you solve behavior issues such as:

  • Shyness/fear of people at home and outside the home
  • Biting/defensiveness when handled at home or at the vet clinic
  • Barking and lunging at unfamiliar people and/or dogs
  • Aggressive behavior toward family members (people and/or dogs)
  • Destructive behavior or other issues when crated and/or left alone
  • Excessive barking, jumping, food/object stealing, and other nuisance behaviors
  • Phobias and compulsive disorders when receiving veterinary support for those issues

My specialty is relieving the constellation of issues common to dogs rescued from puppy mills and animal hoarding situations.

  • Main service area includes Athens, Bogart, Jefferson, Monroe, Nicholson, Statham, Watkinsville, Winder, and Winterville. Surrounding areas in Georgia also served and may incur a travel charge.
  • Behavior solution consultation is $75/hour and typically takes 90 minutes for one dog.

The behavior solution process:

  1. Contact me via the contact form or call 706.296.6893 for a free phone consultation.
  2. Schedule a behavior evaluation, conducted where the behavior issues are occurring, usually your home.
  3. I will gather information, observe behavior, and discuss a realistic treatment/training plan to solve the issues.
  4. I will give you actionable steps to take right away for management and beginning behavior modification.
  5. If a series of training sessions is needed, they can be purchased in discounted packages.
  6. Get any support/instruction you need between sessions and from now on via phone or email. 

Private Dog Training in Your Home

If your dog can physically do it, I can train it. Private dog training is perfect for dogs who are not a fit for group classes, people with mobility or scheduling challenges, or any need met by highly individualized training and attention.

  • Puppies!: Basic training is as necessary as good food and health care. Start your puppy right with foundation training for household harmony, safe socialization practices, and prevention of common behavior issues.
  • Adolescents: Did your cute little fuzzball grow into an unruly “teenager” who won’t listen to you? You still have a chance to correct issues including jumping up, pulling on leash, house training issues, the wild-n-crazies, and more.
  • Blind, deaf and other physically challenged dogs: Every learner is an individual. Training goals and sessions are tailored to each dog’s unique needs and the needs of the family. I also understand firsthand the emotional issues some dogs and their humans can have when adapting to their new range of abilities.
  • Service dogs: I train service dog tasks such as alerts, retrieves, and more, in accordance with your specific needs. I can also help with public access training.
  • Terriers: I understand terriers and still love them! I use brain-engaging techniques fun for terriers and other clever, active dogs.
  • Shy/soft dogs: If your highly sensitive dog is ready for regular training, we will go at your dog’s pace and create a safe environment for fun learning and confidence-building.
  • Dogs of any breed or age
  • You and I can train together or I can do all the training while you’re at work.
  • Main service area includes Athens, Bogart, Jefferson, Monroe, Nicholson, Statham, Watkinsville, Winder, and Winterville. Surrounding areas in Georgia also served and may incur a travel charge.
  • Training rate is $75/hour with $60/session discounted packages available.

The dog training process:

  1. Contact me via the contact form or call 706.296.6893. Remember to include your location!
  2. We’ll schedule the initial training session with you and your dog(s), usually conducted in your home.
  3. You have the choice:
    I teach you how to train the desired behaviors and you practice with your dog between sessions.
    I do all the training while you are at work and show you how to cue and maintain the new behaviors.
  4. I am available for email and phone support/instruction between training sessions.

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