Certified dog training and behavior solutions in North Georgia.

In Tune Dogs uses positive reinforcement training and other principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to help dogs learn what we humans define as acceptable behavior. Since communication is a two-way process, we also teach people about dog behavior. Good communication between you and your dog leads to greater understanding and less stress for both of you. You and your well-mannered dog will get to experience more of life together. Your less fearful dog will have a better quality of life. We use scientifically supported training methods because your dog is a living being who deserves better than the folklore of force.

In Tune Dogs strongly believes in positive reinforcement for people, too. We’re here to help, not to criticize! We do our best to work with your individual, real life needs. Your dog is a part of your family and we’re here to help the whole family.

My favorite place to be as a girl.

Shannon Bayless, KPA CTP

Being the owner and head trainer of In Tune Dogs is an expression of my lifelong passion for understanding dogs and people. I’m a graduate of the intensive Dog Trainer Professional Program at Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior. My Bachelor of Science is in Biology. My love of learning and animals propelled me through years of continuing education and postgraduate work in behavior, affective neuroscience, and other sciences, which I will probably stop when I die. (The odds are good.) I’ve worked in kennels and as an assistant in veterinary clinics so have studied and applied Low Stress Handling techniques. My certifications include Pet First Aid and CPR, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and STAR Puppy Evaluator, and training in TTouch and other touch therapies for dogs. I also have certifications and training in “alternative” fields including Reiki, flower essences, and animal communication.

Dogs have always been a huge part of my life. The family story goes that dogs and I have been inseparable since the day baby Shannon was brought home from the hospital and the toy poodle took up residence in my bassinet. I trained my first dog in obedience and tricks when I was 11 years old and went on to obedience competitions with my Wire Fox Terrier while teaching other people how to train their dogs. After experiencing the tragedy of inter-dog aggression and the challenging behavior issues of the first group of what would become a steady stream of foster dogs, I saw the detrimental side effects of the popular training methods of the time. It took more foster dogs, more study, more keen observation of dogs, and a positive reinforcement trainer mentor to shift my path to more rational and humane methods. When I had methods that matched my values, I returned to professional dog training. I dropped out of graduate school before finishing my MBA in Accounting, eventually left my corporate career in tax accounting, and went into dog training and behavior intervention full time. (Life is short. If it feels like a calling, do it.)

My volunteer time is also devoted to dogs, with most of it spent as the Lead Trainer on the New Rattitude Behavior Modification Team. I take in foster dogs with bite histories and extreme behavior issues. My preferred cases are differently-abled dogs and unsocialized dogs with debilitating fears due to mass animal neglect and severe deprivations. New Rattitude is an all-volunteer, national Rat Terrier rescue and adoption organization that is efficiently and professionally run by amazingly dedicated people. Yes, I will shamelessly plug our dogs! Check them out here. Adorable, yes?

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